My love for food started at an early age. Growing up in a large Italian family, in Brooklyn, food was always the center of everything. From making Sunday gravy to rolling out a million struffoli at the holidays, everyone was expected to help. My favorite part was always the dessert! Not only was it delicious, but the family would sit around the dessert table for hours, woman gossiped and the men played cards while drinking their coffee and Sambuca. Most of those traditions are gone, but my love for dessert never went away.

When I moved to Florida, I quickly realized that there was no local bakery to get all the delectable Italian desserts that I had been far too busy to prepare myself. So, I began making them at home, but I didn't want to stop there. I wanted to learn everything I could about cooking, baking and decorating. I took classes at the craft store; I watched so many hours of YouTube videos, I feel like they should have given me a degree; I made everything I "pinned on Pinterest", even renaming October of that year to "Pintober" and I enrolled in a Pastry Arts program at a local college. Lastly, I became a Certified Pastry Chef through American Culinary Federation.

After posting some of my desserts and custom cakes on social media and meeting a friend, Nichole, who also had the same passion, The Greene Pig was born! For all those who are curious, my business partner's last name is Greene and my last name, translated from Portuguese, is Piglette. Nichole decided to pursue her growing career as an Author, but I made the decision to continue solo. 

The Greene Pig Sweets is a home based bakery business operating under The Cottage Law. 

"A party without cake is just a meeting" - Julia Child